Soren's Incredible Adventure

Soren's Incredible Adventure


Soren is an inquisitive little fox with a big curiosity. When his family decides to pick up and move to a new home, his excitement gets the better of him. While crossing a river to his future home, he falls in and is carried downstream. Luckily, he finds his way back to shore but now faces the daunting task of finding his way back home through an unfamiliar forest.Fortunately for Soren, he does not have to do this alone. He pairs up with a helpful squirrel and together the make their way back to his family. But their journey is not without risk. They face predators, hunger, and humans as they navigate a world neither are prepared for. Follow along on their incredible adventure as their friendship, faith, and determination help them beat the odds.


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© 2017 Alisha M. Risen-Kent