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Conservation Efforts

The biggest challenge that wildlife faces, is an uninformed public.  In the past 35 years, biodiversity around the world has declined by more than 27%.  This loss includes animals (to include invertebrates and fish), trees, and flowers.  The causes are habitat loss from logging, poaching and hunting, and removal of animals from their natural habitats to sell on the black market.  These plants and animals are used for medicines, trophies, building materials, and food.  Another cause for concern is the introduction of non-native species into an established habitat.  The invasive species compete with native ones for territory and food.  More often than not, the invasive species wins, causing the extinction of native species.


As of right now, there are more than 1,500 known endangered species around the world and nearly 17,000 vulnerable.  Without help, nearly half of all plant and animal species could be extinct in less than 100 years.  That means the wildlife that we enjoyed as children, will be gone for our grandchildren.


With the efforts of conservationist organizations like Last Chance Forever and the Wolf Conservation Center, wildlife and their habitats may have a chance.  By raising awareness and rescuing sick and injured animals, threatened and endangered species are able to survive and thrive.  With help, maybe they will still be here for our grandchildren.

You can help this cause by donating here or at many other wildlife conservancies.  Your donations will go toward protecting our natural world.


Thank-you and God Bless!



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