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Signing at Sherwood Forest Faire


     I am a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University with a BA of Creative Writing and mother of three special needs children and one who is just special.  I live with my family in Texas where I love working in my garden surrounded by nature.  I have attended several writing courses and hold a Veterinary Assistant diploma.  I am also an active member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the National Society of Leadership and Success, and the honor society Alpha Sigma Lamda.  My passions are reading, writing, drawing, photography, and wildlife conservation and I create all the artwork and cover art for my books. I am also an avid player of Dungeons & Dragons and come up with most of my fantasy story ideas from the campaigns I play in. I write a wide variety of books from children's stories to adult fiction. 


     From the time I read my first book, I knew I wanted to be a writer.  Since then, I have read countless stories and written many of my own, creating worlds and creatures that are uniquely mine.  Through this time of discovery, I realized my favorite stories were fantasy and young adult.  I have a passion for writing coming of age stories where a young protagonist must face great challenges and finds an inner strength they never knew they had.  This has led me to publish my first two book series, Nature’s Guardians, a middle-grade nature-based series and Kyoshi’s Saga, an adult fantasy series.









     I love Renaissance festivals where I can dress up as the characters I create.  It was here that I found my desire to write my nature-based children’s series with the help of the conservation group Last Chance Forever.  Recently, I joined the cast of the Sherwood Forest Faire as part of the faerie troupe where I am able to bring my stories to my readers, young and old alike.  


      I'm an advocate for conservation efforts, volunteering where I can to help rehabilitate injured animals and I donate a portion of my book sales to conservation groups.  While writing my Nature’s Guardians series, I worked alongside these groups to ensure that my material was as accurate and up to date as possible.  I also work closely with Wild Republic, a toy company that helps children and abandoned animals.  Using their collectible plush, we have made available collection sets that not only allow young readers to read about the animals of Nature’s Guardians, but they can also hold realistic replicas in their arms as they do.  It is important for my readers to see nature as it truly is and to understand what people are already doing to preserve it.  Fortunately, conservation groups are more than happy to help me spread the word. 



     The Nature's Guardians series came to me as a persistent dream that allowed me no sleep until I jotted the ideas down.  It has blossomed into a series of children's book that has also attracted the attention of other authors wishing to join the Nature’s Guardians crew.  In the future, I hope to be able to add at least two more series to the Nature’s Guardians brand, Echoes of the Past, focusing on animals that were once extinct and returned to the wild and Misunderstood Nature, covering animals such as the skunk and coyote.


     As an author, I enjoy writing in multiple genre.  In addition to writing children’s books and fantasy novels, I plan on writing young adult novels that focus on some grand struggle for the protagonist.  Some of these may be series while others will be stand alone novels.  Teaching children and young adults about nature and life and how to overcome obstacles while staying true to oneself is very important to me, especially as a mother of special needs children.  I would like for my books to reach top sellers list and even get movie deals, perhaps for a nature series. 

Me and J.R. Knoll at the Sherwood Forest

Faire in McDade, Texas

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