Awareness of the fight wildlife faces everyday is important to the survival of both endangered species and animals that are just struggling with everyday challenges.  Nature's Guardians  is a series of books written for children to raise this awareness.  By teaching the next generation about wildlife and their habitats, we can build a strong environment that will support both. 

Haji's Fight for Freedom



Follow Haji in this coming of age story about a young falcon trying to find his way in the world.  Facing the death of his father at the hands of humans and then abandoned by his mother, Haji’s only solace lies in the companionship of his brother, Koru.  But when Koru leaves with his life-mate, Haji finds himself alone.  Soon after, the same humans who killed his father, return.  Find out what happens when Haji is shot from the sky!


Timber's Gambit



Young Timber is a grey wolf born into the largest pack in North America. Growing up as son to the great alpha, Zeus, he has the respect of the entire pack.  However, after he causes a much needed hunt to fail, Zeus convinces him to find a pack of his own.  Facing mountain lions, rival wolf packs, and humans, Timber treks out across the wilderness in search of the companionship and protection of a pack of his own.  What will Timber do when the humans come hunting for wolves?

Sahara's Plight



Growing up on the plains of Africa is anything but easy.  Sahara faces lions, starvation, and an encroaching human population. With space a valuable and limited resource, Sahara must fight tooth and nail to survive the harsh African wilderness.  After a crippling lion attack, she is taken in by conservationists.  Declaring her unfit to return to the wild, they send her off to a European zoo where she must learn to fit in.  Unable to do so, she faces death.  Fortunately, one conservationist is on her side.  Together, they make a mad dash back to Africa where she is reunited with her brother, N'dugu.



M’vita’s Struggle



Having a big family means never wanting for anything.  You have protection, loyalty, friendship, and affection.  Most of all, you’re never alone.  But what happens if all of that is taken away?


M’vita was born into a large wild dog family, one of the largest ever seen.  But when disaster strikes, she finds herself all alone, the sole survivor in a  land of paradise without a single wild dog in sight.


Now, she has to find a way to survive and cope with her loneliness.  Squaring off against predators three times her size, she comes to terms with her new role and makes unlikely allies in order to survive.  After confiding her fears to an equally lost cheetah, will she finally find what she has been searching for?



Swift Just Wants a Friend



From the Nature's Guardians series comes a tale of friendship between the unlikeliest of animals. The beloved characters from Timber's Gambit are brought to life in this story for young readers. Find out what brought these two characters together and how they defied the odds to become the best of friends.

Myaing's Endeavor



Born into a lush tropical paradise, Myaing and his sister experience the bounty of life while under the protection of their mother.  Life in the treetops is both exhilarating and frightening but for these clouded leopard cubs, it’s just another day.


Unfortunately, their forest home is shrinking and their greatest predator is closing in.  While their mother tries to find refuge deeper in the forest, they face other challenges, such as clashes with tigers and leopards.  At every turn, she must decide if the home she chooses will be safe enough to raise her cubs.


When the time comes for the cubs to strike out on their own, Myaing chooses a path that ultimately puts him in the crosshairs.  Unable to find a mate and running out of forest, he finds himself face-to-face with the very beings he has spent his entire life running from: two-legged hunters.



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