What a Great Season!



After the most perfect weather imaginable, the last season at Sherwood Forest Faire was one to remember. With record breaking attendance numbers, it was the absolute best three months of my life. I have been adopted into one of the most amazing families and, truthfully, saying "until next time" left me in bittersweet tears. As the sun fairy Kira, I worked with the other Sherwood fae (also known as the Imaginatii) to entertain several hundred children throughout the eight weeks the faire was open. We also had the time of our lives playing alongside Robin Hood and his merry men. Honestly, if you have never been to a Renaissance festival or a Medieval Faire, I strongly encourage you to do so. Not only is it an escape from the everyday rush of reality, the people are generous and fun loving and will pull you right into their world.


On a professional note, I spent the last two weekends of faire signing books to my avid readers. Of course, I also had a busy fairy schedule to keep so I wasn't always able to be there when my fans wanted a signed copy of my books. Luckily, my fellow author and mentor J.R. Knoll (, author of Shahly's Quest and many other books, was there to fill in for me. I didn't even realize how many people loved my books until I came home and took an inventory. I'd sold nearly half the books I had in stock and nearly sold out of two titles. I absolutely love my fans!


So, for now, I say farewell to my Sherwood family, or more accurately, until next time. In the meantime, I will be working on the fourth book in my Nature's Guardians series, M'vita's Struggle as well as the second book in the Kyoshi's Saga series. For my loyal fans, remember to visit often as I will be releasing books more quickly now that I have finished with my college. And, as always, check out my Amazon page and drop me a review of your favorite book. Let me know what you liked about it and I will continue to bring you the absolute best I have!



Thank-you and God bless!!


~Alisha M. Risen-Kent


Sahara's Plight Finished!


Woohoo!  Sahara's Plight is in its final stages.  The manuscript is finished, the illustrations colored, and the cover completed.  Now, all it needs is to put it all together and send it to the presses.  It has been a long journey but I have finally reached the end.  Surprisingly, it is six chapters longer than I intended.  Oops!  I am taking preorders now but I probably won't have any available until after Christmas.  I will upload the illustrations soon.


Now it's time to start on the fourth book, M'vita's Struggle!




Adopt-A-Cheetah Month: Claim your free cheetah plush!



The month of June is Adopt-A-Cheetah month.  For each $30 donation, I will send you a collectible cheetah plush and an adoption certificate.  Supplies are limited, however, so act fast and save a cheetah!  The donation button is at the top of every page.  Thank-you for your support!

Upcoming Events



The next few months are going to be exciting!  In October, I am traveling to Austin, Texas with fellow author J.R. Knoll, creator of Shahly's Quest and the incredibly popular Zoe Undead.  


On October 18, I will be at the Central Texas Nature Fest at Bend O' the River, Temple, Texas. This Nature festival will feature conservationist, such as the Audubon foundation as well as games and activities for childrens and vendors selling a wide range of nature-related products.


November 1, I will be at the Harker Height Activity Center for the local author book fair.  This will give me another chance to reach out to the community and will have authors from all over Central Texas.


Finally, I have made available a wide range of collectable plush for sale through Christmas.  As always, sales goes toward conservation efforts.



Another great documentary about wolves!  It is because of shows like this and the diligent work of conservationists that Wyoming has now made it illegal to hunt wolves in their state.  Way to go Wyoming!!


We had a great time at the Texas Comic Con and the Capital City Comic Con!  We reached out to many children and their parents and helped to spread the word about conservation.  In the coming moths, I will continue to reach out at these sort of events in an effort to educate as many people as I can.



October 2-4, I will be at the Wizard Con in Austin Texas where I will be signing books and offering my books, sets, and plush for sale.


I am also working diligently on Sahara's Plight and hope to have it finished this fall.  Additionally, the fouth installment, M'vita's Struggle, is due for release by Christmas.

These are the promotional trailers for Haji's Fight For Freedom and Timber's Gambit.


These are the color images from Timber's Gambit.

Images from Haji's Fight for Freedom


Timber's Gambit Now Available!


Timber's Gambit is now available here as well as on Amazon:


There are three different versions:

ebook for Kindle (c) 

black and white

and color


There is also a collection set for both the black and white version and the color edition.


Each edition has beautiful illustrations at the beginning of each chapter.  All illustrations are done by me.



Timber's Gambit is well on its way!  I am currently half-way finished with it and hope to start the publication process by the end of the month.  This book will also come with a collectable wolf plush.


The video to the left is a great documentary on life in a wolf pack.  It's an excellent companion piece for my book and explains most of the issues Timber faces.  Well worth watching!



Conservation Awareness

This video contains images that may be unsuitable for some viewers.  It was very hard to make and I had to stop several times.  Once I got past the hard part, though, the rest was easy.  Please watch until the end.



We must work together to raise awareness or the beauty of our world will be irrevocably lost.  This video is meant to expose the horrors mankind does to the world; from plants and animals to entire habitats.  Imagine a polluted, plastic world without animals, and flowers, and crystalline waters. Let's work to keep the Earth beautiful for our children and grandchildren.



The music and images DO NOT belong to me.  I only used them to help raise awareness.  


All Rights Reserved

Music by Jane Siberry  "Calling All Angels"

opening track: Alexandre Desplat  (New Moon Soundtrack) "Edward Leaves" 

ending track: Alexandre Desplat (New Moon Soundtrack) "Full Moon"

Haji's Fight for Freedom now available



I'm offering a special collection set with a signed copy of the book, a collectable falcon (it makes sounds) offered through Wild Republic, and an adoption certificate. Additionally, when you purchase a collection set, Wild Republic makes a donation to help improvished children and abandoned animals. Nature's Guardians will also make a donation to Last Chance Forever in your name. The price is $15.00 which includes shipping.  


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