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     The Nature’s Guardians series is a collection of novels told from the perspective of animals. From childhood to adulthood, follow along on their struggles for life in a harsh and competitive world. This series highlights the real-life struggles that wildlife face as humans further encroach on their habitats. By seeing nature through the eyes of animals, may we all have a better understanding of what it means to be born wild and free.



     At the end of each book is a section on conservation, highlighting specific groups focusing on conservation efforts, and ways that you can help.


     As the series has grown, other authors have joined the Nature's Guardians team.  In the near future, we will have a series titled Echoes of the past.  This series focuses on animals who were once extinct but have returned to the wild, or been rediscovered, such as the thylacine (Tazmanian wolf).  The second series Misunderstood Nature, focuses on misunderstood animals, such as the skunk and coyote.  




     All animals have their place in our world and their purpose.  This series shows what that purpose is so that we understand how all animals, humans included, work to balance nature into the wonderful world we have today.

"Half of all the species on Earth could be headed irreversibly toward extinction by 2100...There's no more important mission, because it's folly to think that we can doom wildlife to oblivion and believe that humans will be just fine."

-Joel Sartore; National Geographic Magazine Oct. 2013.



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