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     Myaing’s Endeavor is the next book in the Nature’s Guardians series.  The story takes place in the forests of Thailand and follows a young clouded leopard as he faces life in a shrinking habitat.  For this book, I’m inviting all the fifth graders at Fowler Elementary to participate in a competition to be featured in the book.  I will pick the best poem, short story, or picture to place at the beginning of the book for all my readers to see.  I’ll also have a section at the back for special mentions.  The winner not only gets recognition but will also receive a collection set, which includes a copy of the book, a collectible plush, and an adoption certificate, once published.  Runners up (there will be up to 15) will also recieve a free copy of the book.  

     This projects requires some research.  Clouded leopards are a specific type of leopard that lives in certain areas of Asia.  Dense tropical forests protect the animals and make them difficult to study.  In order for you to write about this leopard, you must understand it.  Make sure to do your research.

     This requires good behavior and grades so make sure you put your best foot forward.  I look forward to seeing all the amazing enties!  The competition ends May 18 and only serious entries will be accepted.  Good luck! 


Peom:                   Short Story:         Picture:

Write a poem either about clouded leopards or told from the prospective of one.  It does not need to rhyme but make sure it is at least twenty lines long.


Poems can be freestyle.  That means you can make it your own.  If it rhymes, make sure the words make sense.  I want readers to see clouded leopards the way you do.


Be creative!  This is your poem.

Write a short story either about a clouded leopard or from the perspective of one, or a fiction story about having an encounter with one.  Story needs to be at least a page long.


Keep in mind, this story should be informative and fun.  The idea is let readers know about clouded leopards and their habibtat.

Draw and color a picture of a clouded leopard in it’s natural habitat. While I prefer real life pictures, I will consider an anime style one as long as all requirements are met.  It must be in a tropical forest, fully colored and detailed (do your research!). 


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