Timber's Gambit (Color)

Timber's Gambit (Color)

Young Timber is a grey wolf born into the largest pack in North America. Growing up as son to the great alpha, Zeus, he has the respect of the entire pack.  However, after he causes a much needed hunt to fail, Zeus convinces him to find a pack of his own.  Facing mountain lions, rival wolf packs, humans, and a bullying coyote, Timber treks out across an unforgiving wilderness in search of the companionship and protection of a pack of his own.  Find out what happens when his journey leads him into forbidden territory and humans come hunting for wolves!

The Nature’s Guardians series is a collection of novels told from the perspective of animals. From childhood to adulthood, follow along on their struggles for life in a harsh and competitive world. This series highlights the real-life struggles that wildlife face as humans further encroach on their habitats. By seeing nature through the eyes of animals, may we all have a better understanding of what it means to be born wild and free.

The end of each book has a section dedicated to conservation efforts and information on where and how you can help.
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    This book is fully illustrated with colorful pictures at the beginning of each chapter.


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